Jewelry Safety

Jewelry Safety:

1) Our jewelry is not meant for young children 12-years-old or younger. Please exercise caution with all jewelry or other small items.

For safety reasons, please do not allow children of any age to play with jewelry or any small objects or put jewelry in their mouths.

2) We do our best to use safe, high quality and lead-free metal components and other supplies and list our materials in our item descriptions. We generally use surgical stainless steel, Sterling Silver, solid Copper and Niobium. Some of our charms are pewter and we choose suppliers who use high quality metals.

3) Home lead test kits can result in false positives and false negatives.

4) Swarovski crystals are high quality leaded glass made in Austria. Swarovski is a very well respected company that produces superior products. While leaded glass does contain lead, it is not in a form that is considered harmful for a jewelry wearer. Clearly no bead, whether leaded glass or otherwise, should be ingested. Please keep small objects and jewelry components away from young children.

5) Jewelry should hold up to normal wear, but for safety reasons should not be indestructible. We use high quality components that will hold up to normal wear. Please contact us if you have any questions or need a piece of jewelry repaired. Please do not wear jewelry around machinery, while using tools or exercising. Please do remove jewelry before cleaning, swimming or bathing.

Our beaded dice necklaces and charm bracelets are constructed with a jump ring at the clasp. If the bracelet or necklace becomes tangled or is pulled forcefully, the jump ring is designed to open and the necklace or bracelet may release rather than break.

If you have a particular safety concern about any of our jewelry items, please contact us. We are more than happy to accommodate your specific needs or concerns and answer all your questions.

6) Most of our findings are Sterling Silver, solid Copper, Niobium or Surgical Stainless Steel, but when we use pewter findings we use high quality, lead-free findings from a reputable US dealer. In fact, most of the pewter findings we use actually meet "food grade" standards for your safety.

7) When we use vintage components we provide that information in our item descriptions.

8) Charms and beads used for earrings do not touch the skin very often if at all. Charms used for necklaces and bracelets may come in contact with skin more frequently and for longer periods of time.

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