Jewelry Care Tips from Eclectic Elements

Jewelry Care

1. Please do not wear your jewelry while showering, gardening or exercising. All of our handcrafted jewelry will hold up to normal wear, but strenuous activities or extended periods in water will affect the life and integrity of your jewelry.

2. Sterling Silver can be kept in ziplock bags to slow tarnishing. Over time a very nice patina will develop. If you prefer your Sterling Silver to remain shiny, store it in plastic when you aren't wearing it.

3. Our stretch bracelets are made with heavy duty stretch cord and will hold up to normal wear. However, your bracelet may need to be restrung at some point in time. Please contact us if your bracelet needs to be restrung.

4. If you receive an item and would like to have the size adjusted, please contact us.

5. Feel free to contact us prior to ordering if you have any questions.

6. Please check this page for information on sizing.
Click here for more information on Jewelry Sizing

7. Pearls should be protected from chemicals such as hair spray, nail polish remover, perfume and other toiletries or cleaning products.

8. If you have metal allergies or sensitivities we recommend you try Niobium. Most people can wear this metal which is similar to Titanium. Please email if you would like to have your earrings arrive with Niobium earwires.

9. If an item you purchased from us needs to be repaired, please email before sending it back.

10. Sterling Silver can be gently wiped with a special jeweler's cloth to remove tarnish and brighten the shine.