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About Mahjong

information about the game of Mahjong

Information about the game of Mahjong.

The game with many names:
Mahjong, Mahjongg, Mah Jong, Mah Jongg, Mah-Jong, Mah-Jongg, Ma Jong, Ma Diao, Ma Cheuk, Mah Cheuck, Baak Ling, or Pung Chow

Mahjong is a Chinese game for four players.
It is sometimes called Chinese Dominoes.
Below are photos of an antique Applejuice Bakelite Mah Jongg tile set.
Mah Jong Tile Set
Honor Tiles - Dragons, Winds and Flowers
Red Dragon, Green Dragon, White Dragon or Soap
North Wind, South Wind, East Wind, West Wind
Flower tiles vary from set to set and can also include Season and Trade tiles

Mah Jong Tile Set
Bamboo Tiles or Bams - Number 1 Bam is always a Bird

Mah Jong Tile Set
Character Tiles, Craks, Cracks or Wan

Mah Jong Tile Set
Circle or Dot Tiles

The tiles we reuse or recycle are from broken sets and odd lots that we come by from time to time. These vintage game sets are lovely and we do our best to complete broken sets which we add to our growing collection. We offer full or nearly full sets for sale from time to time when the "Mahjong closet" reaches capacity.

For more information, please visit these sites:
Mah Jong Museum's Mah-Jongg Zone
National Mah Jongg League

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